Site Consultations

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site consultations for all of our services, for residential or commercial properties.

We will provide information on existing site concerns and explain the difference between maintenance problems versus problems resulting from past installation. Discussing your vision for your property and having an understanding of where the site is at this point will help plan future maintenance or install possibilities.

We consult on the following:
●  Lawn and garden concerns
●  Pest and disease problems and overall plant health
●  Pruning concerns
●  Landscape designs, installations and renovations
●  Irrigation systems, maintenance, upgrades and installations
●  Low voltage lighting
●  Drainage and grading

We also provide:
●  Inspections and reports for new landscapes to monitor compliance to BC Landscape Standards
●  Inspections and reports for new Strata buildings that are under warranty and want to claim warranty work
●  Initial site reports for a Strata's landscape council to understand their site concerns, problems due to poor design or installation, problems due to maintenance and recommendations for developing the site. We will highlight what can be improved by proper maintenance and what will require renovation or upgrading over time to improve.

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