Irrigation Installation & Maintenance

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Designing & Installing irrigation system since the 1980's

With both experience and training in design, installation and maintenance of irrigation systems we have been involved with irrigation since the 1980's.

We monitor our sites for any abnormalities so with us maintaining your irrigation system we can optimize or adjust the system throughout the growing season as needed. Any breaks or concerns can be addressed immediately. Our staff is trained to monitor for damaged lines or heads, dry spots or pooling water. Records are kept of each customer’s zones and their watering times so we can make adjustments to accommodate changing patterns in the weather throughout the season.

Services we provide include:
●  Installation of new systems
●  Start up and blowout of system at the beginning and end of each season
●  Monitoring system for breaks, damage, wet and dry spots and making the appropriate repair or adjustments to avoid loss of plant material or flooding of areas
●  Familiar with installing and maintaining many brands such as Rain Bird, Toro, Hardie and Irritrol
●  Staff are trained to make adjustments to timers and nozzles as needed
●  Installing or replacing timers, valves, wiring, etc.
●  Finding and locating leaks or damaged wiring
●  Formal training to design and repair systems. We keep up to date with seminars and literature on current irrigation solutions.
●  Note: we do not do back flow prevention checks – a certified plumber is recommended

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