Integrated Pest Management

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Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Integrated Pest Management or IPM is a process for managing pests that includes identifying problems or potential problems, monitoring, considering all available information and control strategies to manage the problem effectively in the safest manner. We have been practicing Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for years - long before the term IPM was used.

Van Duynhoven Garden Service Ltd. has a licensed professional with:
●  Certified Horticulturist to analyze pest concerns and outbreaks.
●  Extensive knowledge in plant identification with an understanding of common pest problems each type of plant has.
●  Extensive knowledge in the cycle of cultural problems, insects, diseases and an understanding of optimal times for management options.
●  Ability to provide cultural, organic and chemical options, the pros and cons for each pest concerns, then develop a control treatment or program for each situation.
●  Ability to apply controls if required.

Our licensed professional:
●  Will provide you with an understanding of the problem, solution options and give you the ability to make informed, educated decisions.
●  Is current with the spray by-laws for each municipality and will work to find solutions to pest problems that comply with each municipality‚Äôs by-law
●  Will advocate use of spot spraying outbreaks rather than indiscriminate blanket spraying when spraying is deemed necessary.
●  Is a strong advocate of educating customers in understanding the pest problem, their options for control and concerns for each option.
●  Will look to maximize the growth of the existing landscape to minimize outbreaks.

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