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Founded 1962

Van Duynhoven Garden Service Ltd. was founded by Chris and Lena van Duynhoven back in 1962 and was originally named Chris' Garden Service. Both from farming backgrounds in the Netherlands, Chris pursued post-secondary schooling in soils and plants before coming to Canada. They developed a company that focused on quality over quantity and one that developed very close ties with their customers. The company has strove to maintain these values over the years.

Their children learned at an early age the skills for the landscape industry. In 1980, Chris passed away from cancer, leaving Lena - and eventually their son Jack - to carry on the company.

Jack has been involved in the industry since he could walk. At age 15 he was teaching staff how to cut and weed eat lawns and repaired equipment after his homework. He has been active in the industry for over 32 years. As an adult, he worked as a Landscape Designer and Installer for a short period in West Vancouver before going back to Simon Fraser University and completing his degree.

Jack's background includes:
● Landscape Horticulture and Design Technician - BCIT
● Bachelor Degree in Bio Sciences with emphasis on plant physiology, integrated pest management, toxicology, plant pathology, insect biology, plant tissue culture and microbiology.
● Two years towards a Masters Degree in Plant Physiology.
● Published a paper for the Ministry of Forests on Seed Germination Trials.
● Canadian Certified Horticultural Technician #0017.

Jack has been active in the Landscape Maintenance Industry for over 32 years. He is a strong advocate for improving the knowledge and skill level of the people in the Horticulture industry, and he continues to operate Van Duynhoven Garden Service Ltd. with the same core values that his parents strived for: quality service and excellent customer relations.